One-Size-Fits-All Pricing Simplifies The Process and Gives the Best Choice in Rooms

US$322 per person, per night is the fixed price for ‘Darts in Paradise’. This price includes your room and unlimited breakfast lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks (yes, including alcohol and 24-hour room service). 

First people to commit to their purchase get to pick their favorite room or suite first. 

US$322 for ALL Darters

Every ticket to 'Darts In Paradise' is priced identically at US$322 per person, per night for seven nights, no matter which room you select (first come/first served).

"All You Can Everything"

Every ticket purchased at 'Darts in Paradise' is all-inclusive. Your room, food and beverages are "on us" throughout the tournament and surrounding dates.

The Best Rooms Will Go Fast!

Think you can't afford the two-bedroom condo with the hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean, think again. All rooms are first-come/first-served.

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