Going Places. Doing Things.

Fly, Swim, Sail and Get Lost Finding Yourself in Paradise.

‘Darts In Paradise’ offers a wide array of excursions for your off days, extra days or for spouses and guests looking for a little extra “me time”. 

Most excursions last between 4 and 8 hours and usually cost less than $100 per person. Whether you’re flying on the zip line, exploring Mayan ruins, feeding crocodiles or enjoying a sunset cruise with friends while sipping champagne on a 70-foot catamaran, there’s plenty of reason to take a day for yourself. 

Reserve your excursion when you book your package or add it when you arrive in Cancun.  

Be a Jungle King

Cancun boasts some of the best outdoor tours in Mexico. Enjoy jet skis through the mangroves, where a few boards (and beers) may just be waiting for you.

My My Myan

Take a day before or after the tournament to visit the world-renown ruins of Chichen Itza.


Cancun's clear blue waters are home to some spectacular snorkel tours, where you may even find Nemo while finding yourself.

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